Reported Speech - Reference
Jack said:
Reported Speech
Tense Transformation
"I'm tired."
"I'm not ready."
"I've got too much to do."
"I don't see why I should go."
"I don't like Anne."
Jack said (that) .... ... he was tired.
... he wasn't ready.
... he had too much to do.
... he didn't see why he should go.
... he didn't like Anne.
simple present -> simple past

(no "got" in past)
"I'm feeling a bit ill." ... he was feeling a bit ill. present continuous -> past continuous
"I've finished all my homework." ... he had finished all his homework. present perfect -> past perfect
"I'll give you back the CDs on Tuesday." ... he would give me back the CDs ... future simple -> conditional

Jack asked me:
Jack asked me ....
  Tense Transformation
"What time is it?"
"Who lives in that house?"
... what time it was.
... who lived in that house.
simple present -> simple past
"Where is Jill going?" ... where Jill was going. present continuous -> past continuous
"Where have you been?" ... where I had been. present perfect -> past perfect
"What time will you be home?" ... what time I would be home. future simple -> conditional
"Can you lend me £20?" ... if I could lend him £20. can -> could