Reflexive Pronouns - myself - yourself - himself etc

Where the action is done BY the subject TO the subject:

  • I enjoyed myself at the party.
  • Have you hurt yourself?
  • The boss and he has just given himself a very large payrise.
  • Be careful with that knife or you will cut yourself.
  • We helped ourselves to some more pudding.
  • He's talking to himself. Is he mad?

Reciprocal Reflexive Pronouns


  • He loves her and she loves him. = They love each other.
  • They never spoke to each other again.
  • They weren't friends but had a lot of respect for each other.
  • They both looked in the same mirror and saw BOTH themselves AND each other.
  • Do they love each other? I sometimes think they only love themselves.
Emphatic Pronouns - best learned by examples!!
  • You must do your homework yourself.
  • Did your father help you with your homework? - No, I did it myself.
  • Little Tom was sitting all alone by himself.
  • They can do what they like. I myself will not go on strike.
  • Are you sure it was Matt Damon you saw? It wasn't a double?
    Of COURSE I'm sure! It was Matt Damon himself!

They're looking at each other.

They're looking at themselves,
AND (if they turn their eyes
a bit) at EACH OTHER.