Some and Any
A) Generally, some is used in POSITIVE statements -> On the right there are some apples ...
B) .... and any in NEGATIVE statements ->

     and in QUESTIONS ->
... but there aren't any pears.

Are there any oranges on the right?

C) Nota Bene! Some is usually used in questions where you ask for      or offer something:

  • Would you like some help with that heavy table?
  • Would you like to try some of my cakes?
  • Could I trouble you for some water?

D) Some and Any are also used in THESE expressions:
  • Do you know anyone who lives in Lindau? You must know someone there!
  • I've got something to tell you.
  • We must do something. / There's nothing we CAN do.
  • Hello? Is (there) anybody there? Hello? I can hear somebody!!
  • This town looks boring! Is there anything interesting to do in the evenings?
Possible combinations
body (one)
Sometimes you can use EITHER some or any:
  • Is there something I can do for you?
  • Is there anything I can do for you?