On each page,
the large image to
see ANSWERS and QUESTIONS alternately.

On each page, REPEAT the sentence using the correct form of the verb indicated, then toggle to check.

GO BACK and redo those you didn't get first time, then repeat the exercise:

- tomorrow
- in two days' time
- in four days' time
- in eight days' time
... or until you can do them
all perfectly and instantly ...

Combining Verbs

I want to swim.

I like swimming.

Let me swim.

I'm useless at swimming.

It's certain to rain.

etc etc

verb + infinitive with 'to'

verb + 'ing'

verb + infinitive without 'to'

verb or adjective with preposition & 'ing'

adjective + infinitive with 'to'

The best way to learn these (apart from endless practice!) is to make up a PERSONAL EXAMPLE
you can repeat to yourself in your head!